10 Reasons to open an Online Store

10 Reasons to open an Online Store

10 Reasons to open an Online Store

Are you still thinking about whether or not your store works online? In this article, we give you 10 reasons why you must open an online store.

  1. Purchase behavior: If you already have a physical store, you will notice that sales have fallen in recent months and not because of the crisis, but because of the growth of e-commerce we are experiencing. The company has changed its purchasing behaviors and, increasingly, the different regulations and reliable payment platforms make it more attractive to buy online.

  2. Hours: An online store, the user can buy 365 days a year 24 hours a day. They got the product without having to travel in less than 48 hours in many cases.

  3. Method of payment: There are currently many forms of payment that generate confidence such as platforms such as Paypal, secure payment gateways, by transfer, by credit / debit card and / or against counter-payment. The user can choose the online payment method that best suits their needs.

  4. Price: The prices that can offer online stores are more competitive, since they do not have all the expenses generated by the premises adapted to the public, the stock costs, etc. They have physical stores. The saving of these expenses allows to have prices more competitive than in the conventional stores.

  5. Location: You are not limited to the local area where you have the physical store. E-commerce removes you from geographic limitation and allows you to sell worldwide. You place the geographical boundaries of your online store.

  6. Purchase statistics: You can immediately purchase information about the behavior of your customers and / or users. What products are sold more? What is the average ticket? How many sales have you made? etc.

  7. Initial investment: The online store allows us to sell at a very low cost, there are platforms like Openshopen that allows us to sell from € 9 per month or if you prefer it to size, you can finance it with a renting that will allow you to pay in comfortable installments.

  8. Stock control: Online stores have the advantage that you do not have to invest in a stock of products or if you have to do it, much less. In addition, you can have real control of the stock that you have at all times of all the products without having to make an inventory.

  9. Online loyalty: Loyalty to online customers is much easier and more economical. You can use the newsletter, discounts, purchase vouchers, gift vouchers, draws, points of client code, etc.

  10. Ease of purchase: the user has at his disposal the entire catalog of the store without rising from the chair. In addition, it can be accessed from any platform: computer, tablet or mobile.

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