How to write a blog article

How to write a blog article

Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Once we have an idea to write an article, write the text working SEO to have a good positioning and at the same time that content is attractive for our users. Here are some guidelines for writing an article successfully.


What keywords will be worked on in the article?

First of all, once we have the idea, it is important to know which keywords we have to work on in the text to focus on the content. To do this, you should have done a preliminary study of keywords that define your website. Key words are very important for web positioning. Each article should serve to work, since it is a good way to gain positioning and get web traffic. For example, for a company that makes artisanal ice creams and wants to make an article on how to make vanilla artisan ice cream: you will have to work the word ice cream (monthly volume of 580 and average competition), artisan ice cream (it does not have enough traffic), ice cream vanilla (monthly volume 90 and high competition), etc.


Look at our template to work the key words of the ideas at the end of the article.


Article Objectif


When we make an article we have to do with a specific goal, we will usually distinguish between five main objectives:

Web traffic: when we just want to get traffic to the web.

Leads: for the user to do an action, for example: subscribe with a newsletter, download an ebook, purchase, contact form, etc.

Links: when we want to work the links building.

Branding: Increased credibility and brand authority.

Affiliation: Promoting a product from a third party in exchange for a traffic / sale / etc income.

It is important to establish it before beginning to write, to know what approach we will give to the article.