Ideas to create content

Ideas to create content

Friday, 14th September 2018

There is currently an amount of information overload on the network, so it is increasingly important to write quality material. Choosing a good topic to write to your article is essential for positioning correctly and reaching your target audience.

Before starting to brainstorm, you have to be very clear about your target audience and what your needs, habits, likes, age, etc. are. It is very important to know your user profile to which you want to attract your blog, so it is recommended to do a brief market analysis.

Once you have clear the user profile to which your blog has to be addressed, you can start with the brainstorming, we will take the case of a web design company:

  • How do you differentiate from the competition? Write all the things you do better than your competition, for example: speed, technology, creativity, etc.

  • What are the questions my clients / users make of me? Sign up for all the questions your customers make to you as absurd as you may think so much in person, mail or social networks. What would the question be like: What is better a customized online store or a Prestashop?

  • What can I offer the client to cover his needs? Make a list of things your client needs, such as advice on online marketing, word writing, social network management, etc.

  • Specialized news articles: Another way to find a topic to write to your blog is to keep up to date with the latest changes and developments in the sector to write an article about it, such as when Google announces that it will make a change with its API and it can affect all your customers and users.

  • Watch your competition: You can always see what content you are sharing your competition and improve it or extract ideas. It is important not to copy the content of any article, as this would penalize your positioning.

  • Do a Google search: When you have questions, most people consult the search engine. Activate the search prediction feature to see what people are normally looking for to give you ideas of the topic to develop. A practical case would be: start writing: "How to do one" and the results give me "how to do a resume", "how to write a comment" ... and find "how to make a blog"