New Google Maps Premium

New Google Maps Premium

New Google Maps Premium

Google Maps is one of Google's most interesting and important products, which is used all over the world. After the developer conference "Google I / O 2018", the company has decided to make some important changes in its Google Maps service.


What is the most important change?

The most important change that affected Google Maps is that access APIs are no longer free for developers. From now on we will have Google Maps Platform, where we have sought to reduce the use of Maps by developers interested in using APIs of the application in projects.


Where can I access Google Maps Platform?

The 18 APIS available to Google will be organized into 3 categories: Maps, Routes and Sites. Inside the Google Cloud platform we can access the Google Maps account. Google will give $ 200 (approximately € 175) monthly to developers to use Google Maps APIs. Any developer will have to provide some form of payment even if it does not exceed 175 euros per month offered by Google. If you do not spend this money during the current month, you will not be able to accumulate to spend the following month, it is lost.


How does this change affect me?

In case you have a map on your website or application that is customized from Google Maps and will work from the API it will stop working in the next few days but it is no longer working. You will see a message that will say that this page can not load Google Maps correctly.


What should I do?

You have several options:


  1. Continue with the Google Maps API custom map: You will need to create your account and put the billing information. Get more information about Google rates.

  2. Put the Google Maps share map: It is not customizable and all sites that are publicized on Google will be released.

  3. Put an image: An image of the location map of the company with a link that goes to Google Maps.

  4. Switch to Open Street Map: Alternative to the Google API, which is currently free.

  5. Map to Size: You can make a customized map to indicate your location.

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