Responsive web design vs Progressive web app

Responsive web design vs Progressive web app

Responsive web design vs Progressive web app

It is very likely that you ask yourself the question lately about the difference between responsive websites and progressive websites. In the development of this article we will try to answer this question.


First of all, what do we mean by a responsive web?


Responsive Web Design is the solution to adapt web designs to all types of devices depending on their screen size, resolution and / or platform. Before this technology appears, the websites were viewed in the same way for mobile devices as for computers and meant that there were problems of usability and functionality depending on the devices. The appearance of the responsive allowed to adapt the designs so that it is viewed more optimally for each device and make usability and functionality adapt to each device, resolution and platform. Currently, 87% of the websites already have a responsive design.

The responsive was a very important step in web design and development. Now also the new technologies bring us the progressive.


What is progressive?

Progressive Web App is a new technology that allows you to have a web that works as an application that is more reliable, fast and attractive. Unlike native applications the progressive is accessed initially from the browser and not from the download to the device. It works with all browsers, but there are still browsers that are not adapted to the technology and in these cases it will work as a responsive web. The progressive websites make the user's experience safe, responsive design, can navigate without internet and load faster. So it adapts to any device, resolution and platform.


Some of the functions of the progressive websites that are typical of an app such as:


  • Push notifications

  • Navigation without internet

  • Access to files

  • Geocallization

  • etc.


True, there are still several features that it does not allow, such as accessing contacts, sending sms, calendar, alarms, etc. yes they allow native mobile applications.


Progressive ones can also be in the application lists and the user can also download them on their mobile device, tablet, etc.


In summary, responsive websites are an adaptation of design for all platforms and progressive websites have web app functionalities.


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