Use of meta tags

Use of meta tags

Use of meta tags

Surely you've ever heard of meta tags when you've tried to improve the organic positioning of your website (SEO). But do you really know what they are? In this article we will try to give you some basic knowledge of these tags.

What is a Meta Tag?

The Meta Tags are lines of HTML code that are incorporated into the header of a web page. These tags are invisible to the user and do not change the look of the web. We can only find them in the source code and they are very important for browsers and other programs that may need this information.

We can find it written in many ways: meta tags, metatags, meta tags, meta tags, meta elements, meta data, etc.

What looks like Meta tags?

As mentioned before, these tags can not be viewed, at least we inspect the source code of the page. The meta tags will be found at

of the page.

The structure they have is the following: <meta name = "xx" content = "xx">

For example, to indicate the title of the webpage would be <meta name = "title" content = "uso de los meta tags">

There are different types of meta tags, the most important ones are: 

  • Meta Title: this is what you will consider the title of your page
  • Meta Description: a brief summary of the page
  • Robots: This is where instructions are given to robots that enter to inspect your web page. You can also indicate which ones they can and which ones can not enter.
  • Viewport: here is the mobile viewing window. Not having it can make the website have a poor mobile experience.

There are many more like Author (to put who made the web), keywords, generator (with which content manager has made the web), copyright, language, etc.

Why are they important for web SEO?

These Meta Tags give information to the search engines that index the pages. These are basic to have good organic positioning on search engines.

It is true that there are some that are more important than others, since there are some that give irrelevant information, others may lead to confusion, etc. That is why it is important for an SEO positioning expert to review what you have and see if they are well placed. Making good practices of these tags will help your website to have a good organic positioning.

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