Frequently asked questions

  • Who is the webderenting for?

    Webderenting is a product aimed at any company that wants to have a modern and fresh internet presence.

  • What is renting?

    Renting is a payment option that allows you to have your website in comfortable monthly installments. As a general rule, web pages have a life of 4 years. With this service we offer you the possibility to open web sites every 4 years.

  • What features does Webrenting offer?

    Renting is different from rent. The web and the domain will be yours from the beginning, with the difference that you will be paying by installments. Specifically, in 48 monthly payments. That is to say, 4 years. After these monthly payments, if you want to renew your website, you just need to renew your rental contract and start developing a new website, adapted to the needs of the moment.

  • Do I have to meet any requirements to hire a webrenting?

    No. Any company may hire a webderenting provided the purpose of the business does not violate the current legislation.

  • Do I have to make the web page or design it for you?

    No. We develop the web page, the AlterEgo team, based on your graphic image or company image. We take care of developing a design proposal and once validated by you, it is modeled and programmed. We take care of registering the domain, hiring the hosting, developing, etc.

  • How long does it take to develop my website

    Development time depends on the nature of the project. The design phase is between 1 and 2 weeks. The development phase between 3 and 5 weeks. We have to keep in mind that in order to develop the web we need you to provide us with the logo of your company, the structure of the web, the content structure that it must have, the images and all the information contained therein must include

  • Who writes the information on the website

    We are responsible for developing the image and structure of the web. If you provide us with the information, we will enter the information on the web.
    But who better than you know your business? That's why, after structuring and modeling the web, you will be responsible for entering the text on the web. Webderenting includes training in Phoenix, our manager. This way you can modify the information and images of your web page to your liking and whenever you want.
    Our content management tool allows the entry of content in an easy, fast and convenient way. With Phoenix, our content manager, you can modify any section of the web, change photos, add blog posts and modify the sections of your page.

  • If I do not have a logo?

    If you do not have a logo, it is not a problem. Our design team can take care of designing a logo and even the graphic image of your company according to the current rate that you can consult with us.

  • Can I administer myself on the webpage?

    If. Rental website has its own content manager called Phoenix developed by our team. With this management tool, you can modify the content of the website, add new sections or sub-sections, modify their photos, add links, update prices, add products, etc. Once the website is designed, we will conduct a face-to-face training with you at our offices to teach you all the functionalities of the management tool, at no extra cost. Training totally adapted to your website and to your needs.

  • Will I give advice to the management tool?

    If. Whenever you need it, you will have our advice to solve the doubts you have of the management tool.

  • Where will the training take place?

    We will train you at your offices. Or if it's OK, we will do it at the offices of Alter Ego Web, in Figueres and even on the Internet, which makes you more comfortable.

  • Will my websites have different languages?

    It depends on your project. You can have as many languages ​​as you need. Of course, the translation of the content is not included in the price, so you will have to enter the content with each one of the languages.

  • Will I get email addresses with my name? How much is it?

    If. And you will have as many addresses as you need, included in the price.

  • Do I have any permenance?

    If. During the 48 months that the renting process lasts. After these 48 monthly payments, you can unsubscribe from the service, renew the service (and therefore renew the website) or stay the website and domain at a small cost. If you want to cancel before 4 years, you will have to pay the total amount of the 4 years.

  • How are payments made?

    In comfortable monthly installments. In Webderenting you will pay your website in 48 monthly installments. At the end of these 48 monthly payments, you can decide to cancel the service, renew your rental agreement or stay with a small additional cost.