Alterego offers you all the services you need for your website and help you differentiate yourself from your competition.



A website needs it to be worked in every way. Current and quality content to generate web, store or blog traffic, improve organic positioning by working on-site SEO, loyalty to customers with email marketing campaigns, etc. Promote the web to generate image or have feedback from customers through social networks.

They include the following tasks:
  • Auditoria SEO i establiment d'objectius amb el client (primer mes)
  • Estudi semàntic paraules clau
  • EO audit and setting goals with the client (first month)
  • Semantic study of keywords Structure of pages and URLs
  • Meta tags
  • Review of images and links
  • HTML tags
  • Proposal for improving web content
  • Load speed
  • Mobile version
  • Indexing to Google Review server errors and redirects
  • Linking with Google Analytics
  • Periodic meeting
  • Monthly report

We adapt to your pocket, the SEO maintenance package will depend on the hours that will be spent each month. The tasks that will be implemented will be established in the first month.

They include the following tasks:
- ​Definition of strategy and advertising channels
- Keyword research and ad creation
- Track conversions
- Periodic meeting
- Monthly report
- Linking Google Ads with Google Analytics
There is no minimum investment

Premium Package

3 Facebook post per week
3 Publication Twitter a week
3 Publish Instagram a week
2 Post blog per month (written by the contracting company)
Monitoring SM or blog

Monthly editorial calendar
Monthly Social Media Report
Periodic meeting

Advanced package

5 Facebook post per week

5 Publication Twitter a week

5 Publication Instagram a week

2 Post blog per month (written by the contracting company or Alterego)

Monitoring blog comments

SM Monitoring Advertising SM (Ads)


Monthly editorial calendar

Monthly Social Media Report Periodic meeting


The first month will be to do a Social Media study, the first month's editorial calendar, create social networks and count on Hootsuite. If there is any news in the sector, we will publish it even if it is not programmed to give users current news.

Do you need us to help you create content for your blog, website or online store? Alterego also offers you the writing of articles or content optimized for organic positioning. These contents will not only help you in positioning but also serve to share with your followers of social networks and information for your customers through newsletters or newsletters.


We help you to make your email marketing strategy, template design, content, etc. kissing us with your catchment goals.

Our marketing team will help you how to focus your online strategy to attract customers. Tell them all the details about your project so that they can determine what techniques to apply to achieve your goals.

A business needs a good company image and / or brand. Your logo will be a key and very important element with which your target or potential audience will meet you, so it is very important to take care of the corporate image.


Design publicitaire

L'équipe de conception graphique d'Alterego vous fournit toutes les solutions graphiques dont vous avez besoin pour votre entreprise:

- Affiches

- bannières

- Création de campagnes

- Flyers

- Advertising 2.0 (réseaux sociaux)


Advertising Design Alterego's graphic design team gives you all the graphic solutions you need for your business:

- Posters

- Banners

- Creation of campaigns

- Flyers

- Advertising 2.0 (social networks)

Patents and Trademarks Registry

Do you want to create your own company brand or would you like to register a patent in the Spanish or European office?
The Alterego team helps you to do all the paperwork.